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Four Wheel Drive Mechanical Service and Accessories

Whitbread Automotive West Kempsey ensure that the car service to your 4WD is done right the first time. We use only the best quality 4WD products and accessories.

Our workshop is usually booked in advance. So if your planning on a safe 4WD drive trip, make sure to book in your vehicle and have 4WD experts of Kempsey West fix your 4WD.


4WD car service options

Our Kempsey West car service offers a large range of 4WD products and accessories, including:

• 4WD Tow Bars
• 4WD Canopies
• 4WD Bull Bars
• 4WD Winches
• 4WD Lights
  • 4WD Shock Absorbers
• 4WD Battery Systems
• 4WD Roof Racks
• 4WD Suspension
• 4WD Fuel Tanks


4WD Magnum Winch

4wd magnum winch

Suitable for most 4WD vehicle applications, the 4WD Magnum Winch has impressive retrieval ability that ensures reliable recovery operation. The powerful electric winch provides performance you'd expect from a product distributed by ARB, but at a substantially lower price.


4WD Canopies

4wd canopy by ARB in Kempsey West

Whitbread Automotive recommends ARB canopies that provide convenient storage and unmatched protection for your valuable belongings.


4WD Roof Racks

4wd canopy by ARB

Whitbread Auto also offers a range of ARB roof bars and roof racks that are specifically designed to suit our canopies, which are ideal for trade and recreational users alike. All canopy mounted bar and rack systems are supported by an internal frame, securely attached to the utility body. This design offers sound structural integrity, and further increases the versatility of a vehicle fitted with an ARB canopy.


4WD Airlockers

4wd air locker

An ARB air compressor is a compact, efficient and immediate source of compressed air. ARB employ vehicle mounted models (the CKSA12 and the RDCKA) to activate the ARB Air Locker locking differentials.


4WD Air Compressors

4wd air compressor

An ARB air compressor is a compact, efficient and immediate source of compressed air. An ARB air compressor employs vehicle mounted models to activate our renowned Air Locker locking differentials and it will allow you to adjust your tyre pressure to cater for differing environments.


ARB Safari Snorkels

4wd snorkel

A Safari snorkel relocates your engine's air intake point from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the bonnet to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean air is available. Manufactured from premium quality polyethylene, Safari snorkels are incredibly resilient and UV stable. They're individually designed to suit specific vehicle models, and are available for a broad selection of 4 wheel drives.


4WD Product Suppliers

The West Kempsey 4WD car service Whitbread Automotive stock and fit a wide variety of 4WD parts and accessories. If it's not in stock, we will do their best to get it in for you!

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Whitbread Automotive stocks and supplies the best 4WD equipment available from the industry leaders ARB, IPF Lights and Accessories, Old Man Emu Shocks & Suspension and Bushranger 4WD Gear. Check out their websites for the range of stock available at Whitbread Automotive in Kempsey West and make a car service appointment online!

Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

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